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The main purpose of Municipal Centre of Culture in Zambrow is to popularize and promote culture and art. Each year we organise a number of indoor and outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, shows, exhibitions and art classes.

By exploring new ideas and opportunities we serve our local community and help improving the image of our town. We want to widen the understanding and the appreciation of the value of culture and its contribution to the society.

Art and cultural activities:

• Music Section

Youth Marching Band, Zespół Instrumentalny "CAMERATA" (instrumental band), Studio piosenki "ART" (Singing Classes)

• Dance Section

Majorette group, Contemporary Dance Club, Ballroom Dance Club

• Theatre Section

Theatre groups: Teatr Form Różnych (Various Forms Theater), Teatr Eksperymentalny (Experimental Theater), Teatr Młodego Aktora (Young Actor’s Theater)

Plastic Arts Section

Easel Painting Classes, Children's Art Classes, Art Classes for Teens, Art Gallery „Labirynt”,

• Literature Section

Literary Salon , Book Club

• Bridge Club, Film Club, Senior Club, Aerobics

• University of the Third Age

• Regional History Chamber

• Cinema

• Zambrow's music and cabaret scene

• Zambrow's theatre scene

• Muza Café

• Modern Woman Academy